Willamette Nutrition Source, LLC

Providing Education, Treatment and Support for those Diagnosed with Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Treatment
and How I Work


I receive referrals from mental and medical health professionals as well as self-referrals from parents and individuals. Initially, I listen to potential clients, contact the other health care providers and we work to determine their level of need. Medical stability has to be established before outpatient treatment starts, so I will be in touch with your medical provider. I strive to create and to be part of a treatment network that is necessary to overcome eating disorders. This treatment network includes the family.

For Adults

With adult clients I work with your treatment team to develop the best care options. Adults often need social support or education of those they live with so their eating disorder is better understood. They need reassurance on a regular basis that their eating disorder thoughts and ideas are not based in reality and they frequently need to learn how to eat normally. Adults diagnosed with an eating disorder need to feel understood. I regularly hear from my clients that they “finally” feel as though someone understands them and what they go through with an eating disorder.

Transitioning From Intensive Treatment

Many clients come to my practice after being in a residential or intensive outpatient program and they still have work to do toward normalization of eating behaviors. Their families often still need support. I work so that the transition between facilities is as easy as possible. Sometimes I just do weekly weight checks as patients learn to eat to maintain weight, and we work on becoming normalized in terms of eating. Go to Mirror-Mirror for more on normalized eating.

For Families

For families with a child or adolescent diagnosed or suspected of having and eating disorder I offer consultation to the family and other treatment providers so we can figure out if an eating disorder is present. Current research supports that the family is a necessary component in the treatment of adolescent eating disorders. To that end, I work to educate families about eating disorders and integrate families into the treatment, unless a reason exists to exclude them. Families are taught how to do home based refeeding of a child or adolescent with an eating disorder; they are taught what to say and do and what to expect as refeeding continues.

I have monthly parent support groups at no cost.

Going to College

Transitioning to college life after having an eating disorder is a specialty service that I provide. I coordinate care with Student Health Services, Athletics Departments, and/or University Counseling Services. Sometimes I help parents develop college contracts so they experience less worry as a young adult moves on to college, and I help monitor the young college person as they continue with their recovery and also adapt to college life.

Care Options

There are times when outpatient treatment is not working for a variety of reasons. I visit treatment centers all over the country so I understand what each can provide. My clients are given all the various options for treatment so they can make an informed choice about best care.


I am a preferred provider with a variety of insurers and will bill all insurance companies. I cannot control whether or not a given company will pay me or how much they will pay me. I encourage clients to contact their insurance company and ask what will be covered for a given diagnosis. I employ expert billers who will submit insurance claims on your behalf, as a courtesy to you. I can also accept credit and debit cards, checks and cash.